Call of Duty: World at War

8.5 / 10

Smash's Rating:

I think World at War was the best Call of Duty. In my opinion, the campaign felt so real, the dark and dingy atmosphere manages to make me feel like I really am fighting for my survival at war. I also love the easter egg in the second level where you can get a ray gun from the alternate game mode ‘Nazi Zombies’, where in which you fight for your survival against endless waves of undead Nazis. Personally, I adore the zombies game mode and would spend hours and hours trying to get to the highest rounds, and that continues into the newest games too!

Now I must say, feel free to take this with a pinch of salt, because I’m not an FPS player. That being said, the multiplayer mode in World at War was my favourite from any Call of Duty. I love the selection of weapons and the choice of various maps. Although the servers are still up, they are unfortunately no longer very populated, but if you can get a group of friends together, World at War makes for a great split-screen game to play!?

All in all, with a great campaign, the best Call of Duty Multiplayer, and with the fact that it introduced us to the zombies game mode, World at War has made its way to my list of must-play games!

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