Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

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This is a game that I’ll bet a fair few of you have never heard of! Dragon’s Dogma is a game that upon first glance appears similar to Skyrim, and I suppose that in concept, it is. In execution, however, the game plays far differently from the hack-and-slash we all know and love.

Another medieval fantasy game in which you take control of the arisen, a person whose heart has been taken by the dragon Grigori, and now must take on the quest to reclaim their lost heart!

Along the way, you’ll meet various pawns. These special characters make up the game’s in-depth party system. Each player will create their main pawn which can be any class you choose except for the game’s 3 hybrid classes which are reserved for the arisen. You can choose up to two other pawns to join you on your journey from the ever-expansive pool of pawns belonging to other players. When you choose somebody’s pawn, or if of course, somebody chooses your own, then that pawn will gain knowledge from journeying with you, and take that knowledge back to their own players game!

Capcom has officially announced a sequel for Dragon’s Dogma however the release date is still to be confirmed. I will be keeping an eye out for any information I can, and report on it as and when it comes up. 

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