Final Fantasy VII

8 / 10

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Despite VII being far from my favorite in the franchise, I do believe it is the best game to introduce someone to the series, which is why it’s here.

In this JRPG, we join Cloud Strife, a mercenary recently employed by Avalanch to help them sabotage the ‘Mako Reactor 1’, which causes the game’s series of events to play out.

Final Fantasy is known for always having an incredible story, and VII does not disappoint with great characters, devastating tragedy, and mindblowing plot twists! The characters bounce well off of each other, which leads to amusing conversations and one-liners.

Final Fantasy VII’s materia system allows you to carefully customize each one of your party members abilities, so you can try out different combinations and see what works, I’ve found some insanely overpowered ways to use materia, and there are so many possibilities!

Square Enix began to release a remake of Final Fantasy 7 on the 10th of April 2020. Following that, ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ is scheduled to release in early 2024. Needless to say, with Final Fantasy VII being the most popular Final Fantasy game, the remake was highly anticipated, and despite frustration with the game releasing in multiple parts, the fans rate the remake highly and were ecstatic when they finally got the chance to play!

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