Hogwarts Legacy

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If spell-slinging is more your style then I’ve got you covered! This year’s biggest release so far, (in my opinion), is Hogwarts Legacy! Explore Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade, and the surrounding area in the enchantingly magical RPG. 

One thing that I love about Hogwarts Legacy is its dynamic combat system. Each spell has a type, and different spells can be cast in a combo to have different effects on the enemy! For example, you can use Levioso to propel an enemy into the air, and then use Descendo to cause them to slam into the ground hard, often to great comedic effect! 

Hogwarts Legacy’s vast open world is another thing that stands out here, being a huge 2.95 square miles. People have tried walking from the top of the map to the bottom, and reportedly it will take over half an hour when on foot! Combined with the fact that this space is so densely populated, Hogwarts Legacys map will always keep you entertained with new activities and quests to undertake!

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