Persona 5 Royal

9 / 10

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This game is the definitive edition of Persona 5, and in my opinion, it’s the best way to experience Persona 5 in 2023. Featuring new characters, new features, and even an entirely new chapter of the story with its very own palace! Persona 5 Royal catches your eye with its fantastic and dynamic art style, and every section of the menu does something different with the design. 

Persona 5 is another JRPG all about public cognition. The dungeons in the game, which are called Palaces are connected to the cognition of the palace ruler, meaning that depending on how the owner of the palace is thinking in the ‘real world’, things can change in their palace. This is also true in ‘Mementos’ the game’s dungeon where you can go to grind, depending on what’s happening in the real world with the cognition of the general public, ‘Mementos’ can be completely different! The atmosphere in each dungeon manages to set the mood perfectly, helping to make you believe you’re really there.

Persona 5 leads you into some fairly twisted scenarios, and it hits me with a punch to the feels more often than I care to admit. The characters feel natural and not forced and the way they interact with each other feels genuine.

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