Pokémon: Heart Gold and Pokémon: Soul Silver

8.5 / 10

Smash's Rating:

I needed at least one representation from the Pokémon franchise here, and my pick has to be Heart Gold and Soul Silver, or if you don’t mind the Gameboy color graphics, (I don’t!) then Crystal also works here! I will be referring only to HGSS here. 

These games are the iconic remakes of the Generation 2 Johto games. Featuring 2 regions, Johto and Kanto, these games feature the biggest, and in many fans’ opinions, the best post-game content out there, with a whole 8 more badges to collect, the rematch against the elite 4 and champion, and who could forget the nail-biting experience that is battling Red, the protagonist from the generation 1 games Red, Blue, and Yellow, or of course Fire Red and Leaf Green. Only those that have defeated Red legitimately in these games are worthy of the title Pokémon Master in my opinion.

The game also offers the best replayability out of any other game in the series due to the wide variety of pokémon species available to the player, making filling out your team a tough decision to make each time you restart your game.


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